Logical Solutions is the parent company of:

Servlet Internet Services – Business Internet Solutions
SecureFil.es – Private Cloud File Sharing
Siscom.Net – Residential Internet Solutions
Dayton.Net – Your local Dayton Internet Service
Middletown.Net – Your local Middletown Internet Service
YellowSprings.Com – Your local Yellow Springs Internet Service

And many other local services. Through our local companies, we provide an alternative to the large monopolies available in most communities not only for access, but for mail, web, and internet security products and services. If you’re tired of fighting the big guys, you want to protect your personal information, or you’d just like to have the personal touch, give us a try.


Middletown.Net joins Logical Solutions

We are pleased to share that the Middletown.Net internet service provider has joined the Logical Solutions family. Like the prior additions of Dayton.Net for example, we will continue our local, high-touch model for all of the clients in the Middletown area. Effective today, Middletown.Net has been integrated into the Logical Solutions infrastructure.

YellowSprings.Com now a part of Logical Solutions

Local internet provider YellowSprings.Com is now a part of Logical Solutions. As residents of the Village and since our headquarters are located in the Village, we are particularly happy to add the clients of YellowSprings.Com to the Logical Solutions infrastructure and operation effective today.


Logical Solutions has been solving difficult problems for clients since 1986. Founded as Vertical Concepts, the company has been through many incarnations having created, operated, and divested the Job Journal, Pony Express, Web Frame, Servlet, Exper.io, Montara Energy Ventures, Re.Vu, and Oddyssea.

In its most recent incarnation, the company has acquired a number of regional internet service providers and is working to aggregate and scale alternatives to the large, impersonal providers.


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