Logical Solutions acquires SecureFil.es

Many of our clients struggle with the need to securely share documents with their clients, contractors, and staff scattered around the world. While public cloud solutions provide great economics, they are not necessarily up to the task of meeting the strict compliance necessary to meet standards like HIPAA/HITECH or PCI. SecureFil.es has done the heavy lifting of bringing private cloud control and security while providing access to the economic advantages of public cloud scale.

We’re delighted to bring this capability into our portfolio as a complement to our SecureHealthSolutions.com and general hosting/co-location businesses.

Middletown.Net joins Logical Solutions

We are pleased to share that the Middletown.Net internet service provider has joined the Logical Solutions family. Like the prior additions of Dayton.Net for example, we will continue our local, high-touch model for all of the clients in the Middletown area. Effective today, Middletown.Net has been integrated into the Logical Solutions infrastructure.

Servlet Internet Services joins Logical Solutions

Contemplating his next adventure, owner-operator of Servlet Internet Services, Bruce Cornett has transferred his interest in the company to Logical Solutions. We are delighted to welcome Servlet back, we were co-founders in the company in the mid-1990s. As of today, the Servlet clients have been integrated into the Logical Solutions infrastructure and operations.

SSL Certificates Add Value

It used to be that you only needed a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate if you were going to conduct business online and were collecting credit card or other sensitive information. These were the “good old days” of the internet, before organized crime, mass identity theft, and phishing.

Today, every web server/wordpress site should have an SSL certificate for several reasons:

  • SSL protects the interaction between the user and the site by encrypting the traffic.
  • The end-user has some third-party validation that the site is who they claim to be, this is part of the certificate validation process.
  • That disconcerting browser message “Not Secure” isn’t displayed to the end-user in the navigation bar of the browser.
  • The penalty assigned by the major search engines for non-SSL sites is removed and the page ranking of your website will most likely improve.
  • An SSL certificate can also signal that you are security aware and are working to protect site visitors and customers alike.

Today, it’s much easier to acquire, install, and maintain an SSL certificate. We do this for our clients every day. If you are interested in protecting your site with an SSL Cert, contact us and we can help you figure it out.

Siscom.Net joins the Logical Solutions family

As a long-standing, local internet services company in the Dayton, Ohio area, Siscom.Net is well known in and around the Miami Valley. Effective today, the clients and assets of Siscom.Net have integrated into the Logical Solutions infrastructure and operations. We’re pleased to have you on board!